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What can I do to help my child?

Many parents feel powerless and are unsure how they can help their child if they’ve been a victim or witness of crime. Involving other agencies can be a positive step to help you get the right support for your child, and organisations like Victim Support can work with you to help you achieve this. 

Here are some practical things you can do to support your child.

Safety plan with your child

A safety plan will help your child to think about their actions in advance, to help them stay safe. It can be useful in any situation where your child may feel unsafe. This can include if they are:

  • being bullied, threatened or hurt
  • in an abusive relationship
  • witnessing domestic violence.

A safety plan needs to be about your child and their own individual situation. Help them to think about all aspects of their life, such as being safe at school, at home, when travelling, online, in the day, or at night. The plan should be easy for them to understand and remember.

Your child should not be expected to safety plan alone, and they will need help from others, including you, on some of their actions. You can work with your child to look at their own individual situation and think through the risks they are facing. 

Support your child by downloading Keeping Safe, an information booklet to help your child think through ways to keep safe and develop a safety plan with you, and by looking at the You & Co page ‘What is a safety plan?’.

Help your child develop coping strategies

How we will work with you and your child

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