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Bereaved by Suicide Service (Berkshire)

Feelings after a suicide

Bereavement is a painful experience for anyone, but when you lose someone because of suicide, it can be particularly devastating.

As well as coping with your loss, the added complexity of suicide can be incredibly distressing and cause you to experience strong - sometimes overpowering - feelings.

Every person experiences bereavement differently and your feelings may change from day to day. Over time you may feel a wide range of emotions. Talking about what you’re going through and how you feel can’t change what’s happened, but it can help in other ways.

While those around you may want to help support you, they may also be struggling to cope at this difficult time. So having someone else to listen and help can be very important.

We can help

As the impact of a suicide can be so great, we provide a dedicated bereaved by suicide support service throughout Berkshire.

Our caseworkers will contact anyone who asks for our help and can tailor support to meet your specific needs. Our caseworkers can visit you at home or somewhere else where you feel comfortable and, if needed, they can see you regularly over a period of time. All the help we provide is confidential and free.

Practical help

Life can fall apart for those left behind after a suicide, so our caseworkers can also give you practical support. We can help with everyday things such as dealing with phone calls, letters, or even helping with funeral arrangements.

We can also help with housing and benefits, and are able to provide a coordinated approach to assist you in accessing therapy and peer support. In addition, we can give you information about the police, coroner, inquests and all the other formal processes that may become involved after a suicide. If there is specialist help or support that you need, and that we can’t provide, we can arrange for others to help. This can mean putting you in touch with other specialist organisations or arranging things like professional counselling.

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