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Going to court - FAQs

How will I know when I have to go court?

A witness care officer will contact you and tell you when you need to go to court.

Do I have to give evidence?

How long will I be at court?

Can I bring my children/will anyone be there to look after my children?

Can I bring family and friends to court?

I can’t afford to get to court, what should I do?

How can I claim my expenses?

What does the court look like? Where does everybody sit?

Can I read my statement?

What is a Victim Personal Statement (VPS)?

Can the VPS affect the sentence?

Can I read my VPS to the court?

If I read the VPS to the court will I be cross-examined by the defence barrister?

Do I have to see the defendant in court?

Where is my barrister?

Will the barrister come and see me?

I’m not looking forward to the defence barrister being nasty to me.

Will I get a lunch break, and can I go out at lunch with any other witnesses?

Can I leave after giving evidence?

Can I listen to other witnesses giving evidence?

When will I know the result of the trial? Who can I contact?

How do I get the compensation the judge ordered the defendant to pay me and what happens if they don’t pay?

Any other questions?

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