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How we are funded

Part of our work is funded by public sector funding through police and crime commissioners, who commission victims’ services in their areas. However, this means that every year there is a level of uncertainty in funding for our support services for people affected by crime in communities across England and Wales. 

The remainder of our costs, including specialist project funding such as our work with children and young people, rely entirely on donations from individuals, businesses, trusts and foundations.

Making a major gift

Individual donors and grant making trusts and foundations play an essential role in Victim Support’s work. We work with supporters to ensure that we deliver the best support possible to people affected crime. We build bespoke relationships, providing detailed reports on Victim Support’s work and specialist areas to show how contributions have made a significant impact. 

Major donors

If you’re an individual interested in making a major gift, please email the fundraising team to find out more about our work, tax-efficient giving and how you can help.

“We support Victim Support because of the important work they do for victims – women, men and children whose lives have been impacted by crime. There is so much violence in the world but Victim Support helps people to become stronger even through the toughest of times; we really admire their work.” - Major donor, London

Individual supporters

  • Ava Carpenter
  • B J Kestelman
  • B V Adyen
  • Barbara May
  • C Attwood
  • Chris Wilson
  • Christopher Hewlett
  • Claire Marett
  • Conor Witherow
  • Craig Tuplin
  • Daniel Green
  • Darren Barden
  • Deborah Scott
  • Diana Fawcett
  • Dominic Turner
  • Emily Thompson
  • Gemma Murphy
  • Gordon Dixon
  • Joanne Prescott
  • Joanne Wood
  • Joe Tarbert
  • Julie Jackson
  • Juliet Herzog
  • Katherine Price
  • Kevin Marett
  • L J White
  • Litsa Metadji
  • Luke Seidel-Haas
  • Neal Gray
  • Neil Nickolds
  • Nina Patrick
  • Paul Colley
  • Paul May
  • Peter and Frances Meyer
  • Peter Huggler
  • Ricky Nelson
  • Sarah Butler
  • Sarah Jane Rowlands
  • Sioned Jacobsen
  • Stacey Early
  • Svetlana Pomeroy
  • Tom Atkinson
  • William Roberts

Trust and foundation supporters

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