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Fraud is when someone tricks or deceives you to gain a dishonest advantage – usually money, goods, services or property. There are many words used to describe fraud, such as scam, con, swindle, extortion, sham, double-cross, hoax, cheat and hoodwink.

To avoid falling victim to fraud and for information on how to stay safe, take a look at our top five fraud prevention tips.

Fraud prevention during coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has seen a rise in the exploitation of vulnerable people. We’ve listed some tips to help prevent you becoming a victim of crime. You can download the leaflet here.

If you're a community group who are helping others, we’ve put some tips together to help keep you safe, and also to protect those you’re helping. You can download the leaflet here.

Who is susceptible to fraud?

Types of fraud

Things you can do to reduce the damage from fraud

Will I get my money or goods back?

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