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Common questions

Our staff and volunteers have worked with thousands of people affected by domestic abuse, helping them move forward with practical and emotional support.

Many survivors of domestic abuse have faced similar questions and barriers in asking for help; here are just some of the most common challenges that survivors have shared with us. 

I’m scared that if I do anything, it will get worse

There’s often a high level of violence and threat in relationships where domestic abuse is present and this can be intensified if there are children in the household.

If you’re experiencing domestic abuse, Victim Support and other specialist agencies can help you to think through your options and safety plan to ensure that, whatever decision you make, there are safeguards and support in place for you and your family members.

What if I don’t want to split my family up?

I’m worried about involving social services

What if nobody believes me?

I’m scared that I couldn’t cope if I left

What if it’s my child who is doing this?

Other concerns

Reporting to the police

Multi-agency working

Get in touch: we can help

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