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Crime abroad

Experiencing crime abroad can be distressing on many levels. As well as coping with the impact of the crime itself, you also have to deal with the police and judicial systems of the country where the crime took place.

Some crimes will have a direct impact on your travel itinerary or plans; for example, the theft of credit cards, your mobile phone or travel documents can create further disruption and anxiety, and lead to difficulties with local payments.

Being injured or undergoing a forensic examination after an assault or other violent crime might mean that you need to communicate with medical staff in a foreign language, or rely on the use of an interpreter, during an already difficult time.

Things you can do after experiencing crime abroad

  • Make a note of what happened and where you reported the crime, taking names, police rank and contact numbers. This will support any insurance claim you make, and can also help if you’re called to give evidence at a court trial.
  • Contact your bank to put a stop to any lost/stolen credit cards and, if necessary, arrange for a cash transfer.
  • Get the names and contact details of any medical staff you have contact with.
  • If your passport or identity papers are stolen, contact the local British consulate as soon as possible.

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