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Victim Support is committed to ensuring this website is accessible to everyone. Being ‘accessible’ is one of the core values that guide our work.

Help using this site

If you need help using the Victim Support website, there are changes you can make to your mobile (smartphone), tablet or computer. 

Our partner AbilityNet has developed My Computer My Way, a free resource to help you get the best experience when using a computer or accessing the web online. 

The guide covers many different ways to adapt settings to suit your needs. It’s divided into the following different areas:


Here are some solutions to help you see websites and applications more clearly. 

Making the text larger

Magnifying the screen

Making your mouse pointer easier 

Changing your colours


If you are deaf or have hearing loss, there are different ways that your computer, mobile or tablet can be adapted to help you.

Hearing options for your mobile or tablet

Hearing options on your computer

Avatars – digital signers


There are different ways to make your keyboard and mouse easier to use. 

Make your mobile or tablet easier to use

Make your computer easier to use

Using your keyboard instead of a mouse


Make your device easier to use with different tools and techniques.

Changing your fonts

Making your device talk to you 

Talking to your device

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